First AC, now Far Cry: Ubisoft wants to completely change the action series

Ubisoft is taking a big step with Assassins’s Creed Infinity. The open world series is to be given a live service character in the future. And the publisher obviously doesn’t want to stop there. Far Cry could see a big change in the next franchise for all gamers.

Will Far Cry be a live service game?

It was only in July that Ubisoft caused a surprise with an announcement about Assassin’s Creed. The popular series is set to grow in a big way in the future Live service cosmos become a completely new game and renounce the single player existence.

And apparently the publisher would like to adopt this concept for other successful franchises. The next candidate in line is likely to be the popular one Far Cry will.

In a new report the departure of Far Cry front man Dan Hay discussed and touched on the spicy future of the Action series. Hay has been working on a sequel to Far Cry 6 so far and Ubisoft intends this to be the Live service game bring out. (Source: GamesBeat)

Whether it is a main part of the series or a Spin-off could act is not yet known.

Far Cry and AC often shine with their impressive, open worlds. The following picture series shows you which fantastic open world games you can look forward to in 2022:

Do you have to fear a free-to-play model?

When it comes to live service games, the alarm bells are ringing for many players. Because often such games make use of one Free-to-play model with microtransactions. But Ubisoft already has given the all-clear at Assassin’s Creed Infinity – the game will not be free-to-play. (Source: GamesRadar)

Accordingly, there is a good chance that a Far-Cry offshoot with the same concept will also be Could be full price title.

If you haven’t explored the last part of the action series, you can check out Far Cry 6 on Amazon:

Ubisoft has big plans for the Far Cry franchise. The fan favorite could go through a big change with the next offshoot and become a live service game. With the announcement of AC Infinity, the publisher has already shown that the long-term journey is likely to be in this direction.

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