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Focus International is launching a mental health campaign in Qatar

Focus International is launching a mental health campaign in Qatar

Doha: Focus International Qatar Region, a youth group, is leading a mental health campaign throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and current issues. The campaign is titled ‘Don’t Lose Hope.

The three-month campaign will begin on January 18 at 6 p.m. Qatar time. On the Focus Qatar YouTube channel, the inaugural conference will be streamed live.

The Campaign will be inaugurated by Muhammadali Shihab IAS, Additional Secretary to the Government of Nagaland and author of the book “The Fingerprint – The Life of a Young IAS Officer,” published by DC Books.

The programme will cover issues related to the four letters of hope: happiness, optimism, positivity, and equilibrium. Kerala-based motivational speaker and YouTuber CP Shihab will lecture on hope and positivity.

On the topic of equilibrium, Sajid Rahman, a young speaker, research scholar, and part of the Radio Islam team, will speak. Happiness will be discussed by Syed Shaheer, psychologist and founder of Alchemy of Happiness and Team Incubation. Prominent health and socio-cultural activists from Qatar and India will attend the event.

At a press conference, the campaign’s details were revealed. The press conference was attended by EP Abdul Rahman, Chief Patron and Managing Director of Care & Cure; Dr Nishan Purayil, Patron and Chairman of the Advisory Board; Focus International Qatar Region CEO Haris PT; COO Ameer Shaji; Campaign General Convener and Social Welfare Manager Dr K Rasee; and CFO Safeerussalam.

Focus Qatar, which began in Qatar in 2015, is now Focus International, with offices in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

The focus of the campaign is always on social issues. Public attention had been drawn to campaigns against addiction (La Tudmanu), Heal the Heart, Heal the World, Don’t be Excessive (Laa Thusrifoo), and the health campaign Four Dimensions of Health.

Many crises are currently affecting the world, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the proliferation of social media, global conflicts, narrow-mindedness, and socioeconomic inequalities. Such crises can only be addressed if mental health and physical fitness are both accomplished.

The organisers stated that by conquering worries and anxieties, the campaign will serve to raise awareness and the message of living a happy and healthy community life. The campaign will be supported by ICBF and Radio Suno & Olive Network.

The promotion will include Naseem Medical Center and Five Point Entertainment. Communities will benefit from a variety of programmes aimed at adolescents, women, students, low-wage workers, and professional staff.

Short films, photography competitions, cultural events, art and sports competitions, and cultural events, art and sports competitions will all be held as part of the campaign, according to the organisers.

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