Jessica-Rose Clark apologizes to fans after her win at UFC Vegas 41


Jessica-Rose Clark beat Joselyne edwards in one of the stellar fights of UFC Vegas 41 and wanted to apologize to the fans for not having given a better show (via Instagram).

Jessica-Rose Clark apologizes to fans

«As Daniel Cormier said: ‘it may not give you bonuses, but it will make you win after winning after winning’. I am very grateful for this victory. I have been working very hard on my fight since I came back from my ACL surgery. I know it wasn’t the most entertaining fight, and I’m sorry. I’ll do more damage next time.

“I wanted to use my ground and pound more on the ground, but Joselyne made all the perfect interruptions and movements that stopped my ability to do that. It is big and strong and long and it is not a joke. Each fight shows more of my game and the next one will only get even better..

“Thanks to my team, who were here with me this week. It would be a disaster without you three. Thanks to ALL my teams, training partners and sponsors. I hope I have made you proud. Time to take the puppies on an adventure and then go back to work«.

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