Joanna Jedrzejczyk responds to criticism for her position in the UFC rankings


Many do not understand that Joanna Jedrzejczyk be number two of the 115 pounds of UFCand number five in the pound-for-pound ranking, was recently promoted– without having fought since March 2020, when she was also defeated by Weili Zhang, so he hasn’t won a fight since 2019. And now the former champion defends herself from criticism (via Instagram).

Joanna Jedrzejczyk responds to criticism

Thank you for this day, Artur. Thanks for pushing me to put on the GI and train. I did not expect the promotion to auzl belt. Thanks. In fact, a few days ago I wanted to post about the rankings. I’m super happy that the UFC moved me up the pound-for-pound rankings, where I’m number five; two in strawweight. There are a lot of rumors about my fighting career, about my retirement and that I shouldn’t be in the rankings because I haven’t fought for more than 19 months.

«I’m super happy and proud of myself for being very high in the rankings, but the rankings don’t fight. I don’t care who I’m going to fight. Number 1, 5 1, white, blue, black or pink belt. The most important thing is how dedicated, motivated, passionate and disciplined I am. Legacy speaks for me. So don’t be surprised. I can’t wait to put up a hell of a fight for my true fans, for all of you. For so many. I also want to have a pink belt one day.

One more thing, girls. Do not complain because it is so high in the rankings. I did my part, but I know I still have a lot to come. Take my place. I do not mind. I know my worth and I know who I am. ALWAYS A UFC SOLDIER.

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