Johnny Walker responds to those who criticize his fight with Thiago Santos


After the statement he released at the time about his defeat against Thiago Santos on UFC Vegas 38, Johnny Walker respond to criticism. At first the Brazilian fighter said:

«The victory was not for me, but it was for Brazil, congratulations to Thiago Santos. Thank you all for your support, this is just the beginning, Many victories will come, my time will come, I am working hard for it, a lot of focus and a lot of hard work, I will still reap a lot of fruits and give Brazil a lot of pride! ».

«The result was not what I wanted but I am very happy.Five rounds against a Top 5 and I got a lot of experience and learning. So let’s keep working. Thanks, Dana White, for the opportunity. God bless you all.

Johnny Walker to criticism

Now he gives these statements in a recent interview with

“You know that at this level, the greatest in the world, (against) one of the best attackers in the world, you have to know how to get in and out, hit and defend, at the right time and with the right strategy. There are so many things involved. The people who called it boring are the ones who sit on the couch drinking beer and watching fights for entertainment. Those are the type of people who buy PPV, but they are not the ones who understand what it is to fight..

I don’t pay attention to that. He had a game plan according to how he always fights. He always attacks and takes risks, but this time he didn’t. He didn’t take a chance, and I was planning to fight back, to catch him when he came in, but he wasn’t getting that far ahead and wouldn’t let him in because he was feinting a lot, so it was a very technical, high-level fight. We both studied hard since anyone could go down with a good (punch)«.

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