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Strange and Bizarre Combat Sports


The world of combat sports goes far beyond the traditional ones: Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing or Muay Thai are known to all combat sports fans, however, there are variations, some very particular and strange. Here are some combat sports? bizarre.


A messy hitting festival, with bouts that usually last only a few seconds; one of their hands is tied on a table and the contestants are chained by the waist to said table, once the referee releases the hand, the fight is wild and without restrictions: legs, knees, feet, heads and fists fly in all directions.


Shin kicking has its roots in the early 1600s. In fact, it is the centerpiece of the Cotswold Olympics. The rules are pretty straightforward: tuck as much straw into your trouser legs as possible and get to work kicking your opponent’s shins as hard as possible.

Pillow Fighting Championship

Words are unnecessary since his name says it all. A fight? of pillows inside a boxing ring.


A global organization, the Cardboard Tube Fighting League (CTFL), organizes rather theatrical matches, but there is an element of fighting … if you can call it fighting, hitting people with cardboard tubes in the style of a child. four years.


Each fight consists of eleven rounds of three minutes – six of chess and five of boxing – in which he alternates between the two. It can be won by checkmate or knockout.

Lingerie Fighting Championship

Founded in 2006 and still active, its next event will be on October 31st.

Shock out

In a standard boxing ring, add two madmen with stun guns strapped to each hand and cheer them on as they electrocute each other. There are no noteworthy rules and the winner is declared by submission or of course by Shock Out. From what we can deduce, this sport – and we call it that in broad strokes – is now prohibited throughout the civilized world.

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