Jon Jones reveals he was sexually abused as a child


Jon jones Has come to social networks in the last hours to discuss his current situation after the arrest. In the most shocking post he made, which he subsequently deleted, he revealed that was sexually abused as a child.

Jon Jones was sexually abused as a child

«My life was not always that of a great man. Being sexually abused as a child, losing a parent and sibling to illness at a young age. Go and go. I have things that I have to deal with.

At the same time the fighter of UFC he was commenting on other things:

“I love how people imagine the worst possible situation and pretend it to be the truth. I never hit my fiancee nor did we wake our daughters from a confrontation. My daughters did not see or hear us arguing.

«That is really the only thing that I care to clarify … Apart from that, wanting to continue without alcohol. It’s the first time in my life that I’m ready to stop leaving it behind. I am glad to have the support of my fiancee, family friends and fans.

Actions speak louder.

Yes I totally understand. That is why I am not going to do anything like public relations, that I am not going to hire a publicist. I’m not going to do any of that. I know it is eral. I know I am ready. Time will take care of the rest.

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