Marvin Vettori explains his decision to fight Paulo Costa at 205 pounds


In a few hours Marvin vettori is going to fight with Paulo Costa in the stellar event of UFC Vegas 41 at agreed weight of 205 pounds. This after the Brazilian announced that he was not going to be able to give 185 pounds on the scale and both agreed not to cancel the fight. Now, in a recent post on Instagram, the Italian explains his decision.

Marvin Vettori explains his decision

“I feel like it’s good for me to explain to all the fans what’s going on about the fight. So basically I came ready to make the weight, ready to do 185 [libras] as always. I went in and shortly after they told me that Costa was overweight. First, they said they wanted to do 190 and 190 wasn’t enough, then 195 then 198, and then 198 was good for a while. We signed a contract for 195, and now he comes in and says 195 he can’t do it. So we’re up to 205.

«Here I am, making sure to give all the fans a fight on Saturday night and I won’t let this guy get away with it.. So I accepted the fight and we are going to do it. We’re going to slap this son of a bitch, you know. Let’s fuck him. It’s right that he does it for all of us and for all the fighters who really struggle to make weight. It was very disrespectful of him to get 30 pounds heavier and I’m done, man. Let’s go.”

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