Lenovo: Unusual notebook with two displays appeared

How many displays does a laptop need? Although nobody really asks this question, Lenovo has now found an answer: A second display next to the keyboard should offer even more options. With a stylus, the whole thing might actually make sense.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus: Notebook with two displays

On Twitter, the picture of a new ThinkBook Plus from Lenovo appeared, which is very different from previous models. Apparently the manufacturer wants the notebook a second screen donate. This can be found to the right of the keyboard and is reminiscent of a small tablet, at least in terms of size. What Lenovo plans to do with the second display is made clear by the stylus also shown (source: Evan Blass on Twitter).

The smaller touch display should mainly be used for Drawing and writing can be used. In addition, Lenovo has also thought of a classic trackpad. Due to the additional display, the keyboard itself is shifted to the left, which will take some getting used to when typing. Overall, the notebook appears wider, which is also noticeable in the elongated main display. This should come to a diagonal of 17 inches.

Lenovo has not yet commented on the special notebook with double display. There is no further information available besides the picture Equipment and price ready. This may change at the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will take place in early January 2022.

With the ThinkPad X1 Fold, Lenovo offers a foldable notebook. Details in Video:

ThinkBook Plus from Lenovo without an e-ink panel

Lenovo still relied on the first and second generation of the ThinkBook Plus second e-ink displayhow it is used in e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle. Unlike the upcoming model, the second display can be found on the back of the notebook.

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