The new schedule suggests Qatar will host a Formula One event!

After the COVID-19 epidemic wiped out a record-breaking 23 races, Formula One published its changed schedule for the rest of the season on Saturday, with Qatar set to make its debut. Qatar is expected to fill a late-November race at the Losail circuit, which hosts MotoGP races. Three races have been moved, and one is still pending confirmation.

Currently, Qatar is not included in the list, but it is reported that the announcement will happen soon. Suzuka’s Japanese Grand Prix was cancelled for the second year in a row earlier this month, prompting the rejigging process. Australia, Singapore, Canada, and China were all cancelled earlier this year due to the pandemic. On Oct. 10, the Istanbul Park circuit in Turkey will replace Japan’s Oct. 3 slot.

There will be a new race announced on November 21. The Mexican and Brazilian races will be pushed back a week as well. Saudi Arabia’s inaugural race on Dec. 5 and Abu Dhabi’s on Dec. 12 would round out a Middle Eastern run to cap the season.

The Belgian Grand Prix kicks off a European triple-header this weekend, followed by the return of the Dutch Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix at Monza on successive weekends. These dates, as well as the race in Sochi, Russia, on Sept. 26, remain the same as originally scheduled. Texas’s Grand Prix will also take place on October 24, as originally planned.

Stefano Domenicali, the chief executive of Formula One, said there had been lengthy conversations with promoters and national authorities about the matter. “The pandemic continues to present the season with challenges but we have proven we can adapt and we are confident we can deliver a record-breaking 22 races this year despite a global pandemic,” he added.

“I want to thank the promoters in Brazil, Mexico and Turkey for their patience and flexibility and we will provide the details of the final addition soon.

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