PS4 controller 2021: the best DualShock alternatives in the test

If you buy a PlayStation 4 these days, you usually only get a single controller. If you are into couch multiplayer, you cannot avoid buying a second copy. In addition to the classic DualShock, there are numerous alternatives for your console. GIGA presents the best models and explains what else to consider before buying a PS4 controller.

PS4 Controller 2021: All GIGA recommendations at a glance

There is hardly a shape or color that gamepads do not have. There are also huge differences in price – from the real price-performance hit to the absolute high-end controller, everything is included. Some controllers for the PlayStation 4 also have programmable additional buttons, a changed layout or they replace the traditional gamepad with a keyboard and mouse. In the following lines we will show you the best controllers for every type of player.

GIGA price tip
Best equipment
The all-rounder
keyboard and mouse

Model Snakebyte Game: Pad 4 S Wireless Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro DualShock 4 Wireless Hori TAC Pro Four V2 Price (approx.) 30 euros 150 euros 60 euros 110 euros Advantage Lies comfortably in the hand Programmable buttons Compatible with PSVR Ideally suited for shooters Disadvantage Loads relatively slow High price Mediocre battery life Confusing app offer Amazon Saturn Saturn Amazon Compare prices idealo idealo idealo idealo

That’s why you can trust GIGA

We conduct intensive research for every article of this type so that we can pass on the knowledge gained to our readers in a compact and, above all, understandable way. Likewise, all listed products are always selected with care and various uses and price segments are also taken into account. You can find more information about our purchase advice in the article “This is how we advise”.

I have been enthusiastic about video games and the hardware and software necessary for them since I was a child. I built my first own gaming computer almost 10 years ago and many more have followed since then. So over the years I have acquired all the knowledge about games and technology myself – often to the delight of my family or friends. I am usually the first point of contact there when it comes to repairing something or advising you on purchasing new equipment.

In order to give you the best possible overview, in addition to our own experience, we have also relied on user ratings and external test institutions.

GIGA price tip: Snakebyte Game: Pad 4 S Wireless


Lies very comfortably in the hand. High-quality workmanship. Touch pad, headphone jack and vibration motors. Compatible with the PC


Wireless version only loads very slowly Unfavorable placement of touch pad, share and home button Not PSVR compatible (missing light bar on the back)

Despite the unconventional design, that lies Game: Pad 4 S Wireless from Snakebyte surprisingly well in the hand. We tested the controller in the color “Rock” – the material is very slightly roughened and therefore feels even more pleasant than the original DualShock controller. The buttons and sticks are of high quality, the notches on the analog sticks give you a better grip. However, they are not exactly true to the original, which can lead to irritation, especially with the main keys.

Our controller is wireless, but only charges slowly. If you have no problem with wired controllers, you should therefore opt for the 10 Euro cheaper alternative that comes with a three meter long cable. We also bothered us about the placement of the touchpad, the share and home buttons, which cannot be selected with the thumb due to their location.

Best equipment: Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro


Weight can be individually adjusted. Programmable buttons. Exchangeable analog sticks


Not PSVR compatible (missing light bar on the back) Buttons on the back difficult to distinguish High price

Of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is a lot ahead of the classic DualShock 4, as our test has shown. There are additional buttons available that you can freely program. Both analog sticks can also be exchanged at will with the included alternatives – even the weight of the gamepad can be individually adjusted. This extensive range of equipment is ideal for players who want to get the most out of their controller. But you also have to be ready to pay the proud price of well over 100 euros.

The all-rounder: DualShock 4 Wireless


PSVR compatible Easy to use Proven quality Many colors to choose from


Short battery life No additional customization options Cheaper alternatives with similar features are available

Are additional buttons and interchangeable analog sticks pure bells and whistles for you? In this case it would be DualShock 4 probably the better choice. You can’t go wrong with the original PS4 controller and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues – perfect for casual gamers or anyone who prefers a pure PS4 experience. In contrast to most other gamepads, which do not have a light bar on the back, the DualShock 4 is also suitable for PSVR.

Keyboard and mouse: Hori TAC Four V2


Numerous additional functions Programmable buttons Ideally suited for shooters


Confusing app. High price

Of the Hori TAC Four V2 Strictly speaking, it is not a controller in the conventional sense, but a set consisting of a keyboard and mouse. Thus, the greatest advantages of the gamepad lie in the various customization options as well as the precise control. Especially in competitive shooters, the usual control via WASD and mouse on the console should be a real blessing for some. In our detailed test, we took a closer look at the big brother and went back to the “controller” in detail.

On the other hand, we didn’t like the app that went with it, which unfortunately is anything but intuitive and, above all, poorly translated. Insofar as you can overlook the app and the proud price of around 100 euros, you will get your money’s worth here. Shooter fans in particular should benefit from the successful ergonomics and the extremely precise inputs.

That is why it is worth buying an (additional) PS4 controller

Just as there is usually the right tool for every purpose, gamers can also choose a suitable controller depending on the game. While some are already more than satisfied with the original DualShock 4, others may still be looking for their dream controller. To make your decision easier, we have outlined different conceivable scenarios:

as Casual gamer is closest to the DualShock 4 or a cheaper alternative. You would probably hardly benefit from special additional features and in this way an uncomplicated gaming experience is guaranteed. For Shooter fans Controllers with programmable additional buttons or customizable ergonomics can be considered, depending on the requirements. The other option would be a keyboard and mouse compatible with the PS4, which then offers you the ultimate in precision. For Arcade or racing fanatics the market for such special gamepads is relatively small, but they still exist – we’re talking about arcade sticks and steering wheels. So if you spend a large part of your time with such games, the purchase of such a controller can be worthwhile.

Find out in our video how you can get even more out of your PlayStation 4:

Buy a PS4 controller: you should consider that

First of all, you should ask yourself what kind of games you prefer to play. Just as important: Do you only spend your time on the console occasionally or do you prove your skills regularly in competitive matches? Depending on your answers, you will probably also have different requirements for your gamepad. For a leisurely round of FIFA in between or the relaxed swing through the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man, a conventional PS4 controller will be sufficient in most cases.

We’ll tell you the best tips and tricks about your PS4 controller:

If you now need a new controller and want to save, you can use a cheaper variant such as the Snakebyte Game: Pad 4 S Wireless in addition to the DualShock 4. Incidentally, PSVR only works if the controller has a Lightbar on the back disposes. This should also be taken into account before buying.

If, on the other hand, you are regularly out for killstreaks or compete with others in competitive matches, things look a little different. Here every little help can decide between victory and defeat:

Programmable buttons Configurable analog sticks Additional triggers Exchangeable analog sticks Additional weights

The functions just mentioned and others can prove to be useful. Such advantages are often associated with a higher price, since special gamepads tend to cost more than twice as much as the standard controller. So here you should weigh up whether the investment is worthwhile in your case.

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