The most prominent performance issues in Windows 11

There were some performance issues with the start of access System The new Windows 11. Microsoft provided feedback on these issues on its official website. While others have been discovered by users.

Performance issues in Windows 11

Among the most prominent problems mentioned by the company in Official Page Is the problem of compatibility with network drivers Intel Killer Which particularly affects some websites loading slower than others.

This has a huge impact when streaming videos that seem slower at certain resolutions. A problem has appeared when running virtual machines in Windows 11.

The company stated that it is working to solve these problems and is on its way to provide a solution. This will likely be in the next cumulative update.

As for the informal issues, Some users pointed out To the problem of intensive random memory consumption in Windows 11.

Some users reported that the system starts to slow down visibly when opening a lot of folders. Even when all folders are closed, memory consumption does not start to decrease but remains the same.

Start menu problem

Some users have also reported the issue of the taskbar design being on the left side of the previous version. Meanwhile, the Start Menu is unresponsive, and this issue has been previously documented by Windows Insider subscribers.

More specifically, this issue occurs when installing Windows 11 via Microsoft’s Install Assistant. Microsoft has not yet responded officially to fix this problem.

What you should do

While you can install the new system manually without waiting for the automatic update. But Windows 11 may experience performance issues. As a result, we recommend that you wait at least a short period of time before installing.

The practical solution is to wait for the next update to arrive officially via the Windows Update page. And if you install the new version on your computer and you get performance or compatibility problems. The best solution for this is to restart the computer.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has previously indicated that it is taking a phased approach with the launch of the new operating system. This means that not everyone will see the upgrade notification in the Windows Update window.

The company designed this slow approach to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone so that mistakes like the ones mentioned earlier don’t happen.

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