UFC fighter Luís Peña is arrested for assaulting two women


As reported, the Italian UFC fighter, Luís Peña, is another exponent of MMA who was arrested in recent weeks for a case of violence against women.

Peña was arrested in Florida last Saturday on two counts of assault after allegedly hitting his girlfriend and another woman. He remains in custody on the charges of simple battery and battery for domestic violence, and has a bond of USD 6,000.

According to the police report, Peña is accused of assaulting his girlfriend “intentionally” in the face “several times” with a clenched fist. He also kept hitting him when he was on the ground. He had bruises on his left wrist and a bite mark on his left knee.

The other victim would be a woman who witnessed the assault and tried to separate them. According to the website, Peña punched him in the left eye of this woman, causing a black eye. After the blow, the woman fell to the ground and injured her right elbow. The two women gave statements and the police photographed their injuries.

Photo from the file of Luís Peña in June, when he was arrested for robbery and assault: new police case – Photo: Reproduction

From the UFC they have not yet expressed themselves about it and the world of MMA is waiting expectantly for a statement about it, because the fighter is already a repeat offender.

It is the second time that Peña, 28, has been arrested this year. In June, he was arrested on charges of robbery and larceny, battery and criminal conduct after a fight with his girlfriend in Coral Springs, Florida. The robbery and theft complaint was filed, but other charges continue and Peña has pleaded not guilty. The case is scheduled for a hearing on October 28.

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