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Was Paulo Costa unfairly tried at UFC Vegas 41?


The referee Jason herzog removed a point from Paulo Costa for an eye sting Marvin vettori on UFC Vegas 41. The Brazilian was visibly surprised and many were also surprised by the decision, especially since it was the first, Costa had not made that mistake repeatedly; although Herzog had warned him before.

Daniel Cormier talks about Costa vs. Vettori

Among those surprised was Daniel cormier, as revealed in a recent video on his channel Youtube (thanks to MMA Mania by transcription).

“We have seen much more severe blows to the eyes occur in fights. I have done it myself. I’ve hit guys more than this guy hit Marvin Vettori and they didn’t take a point from me. As a referee, you can’t read the headlines … I think in this, Herzog read the headlines and may have judged Costa unfairly«.

Certainly there have been many opinions on this issue being posted on social media by fans and the referee has been answering some; for example, one that accused him of being part of a conspiracy to bring about the defeat of Paulo Costa.

– Politics entered the main event tonight. Paulo Costa won that fight easily but they already had planned that he would lose. That piece of trash referee Jason Herzog, but what can he do when he receives the order from his bosses? Politics ruined the result.

– That’s not true. Fake. The real conspiracy was to start a social media platform where we could identify the equivalent taxpayers with the lowest IQ and sterilize them.. We’ll be in touch.

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