After PS5 and Xbox Series X: Now the switch is also in short supply

Nintendo confirms bad fears: The chip crisis is now also affecting the Switch – of all things, you have to expect considerable console bottlenecks during the Christmas season.

Update from November 5th: 2021
In a press release, Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa has confirmed that the Switch will be going strong in the coming weeks and months will have to struggle with the chip crisis and this will lead to console bottlenecks will. The company won’t be able to make enough consoles to meet Christmas demand, Furukawa said. At the moment it cannot be said when the situation will improve again. (Source: Reuters)

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If even electronics giants like Apple can no longer escape the global chip crisis, how hard will it hit Nintendo? Potential buyers of the Nintendo Switch could soon have the answer to this question.

Nintendo cuts switch production by 20 percent

In the current fiscal year, which will last until March 2022, Nintendo will significantly fewer switch consoles than originally planned can manufacture (source: Nikkei Asia via Reuters). There is talk of a minus of 20 percent. The video game and console manufacturer originally wanted to produce 30 million Switches, now it should only be 24 million units.

The reason is the global chip crisis: Modern semiconductors are currently in short supply. Not only Apple and Nintendo are struggling with this problem, large parts of the economy are suffering from stuttering chip supplies. The misery runs like a red thread through many industries. Even in the automotive industry, the production lines are sometimes at a standstill.

“The supply chain for semiconductors is tense and that also affects switch production,” a Nintendo spokesman was quoted as saying. “We are currently assessing what effect this will have.” Most recently, Nintendo presented the Switch OLED with an improved screen and kickstand.

We explain what you need to know about the Switch OLED in the Video:

If you want a Nintendo Switch, you shouldn’t think twice

Such reports come at an inopportune time for potential buyers of the Nintendo Switch – after all, Christmas is just around the corner in a few weeks’ time. So if you want to give yourself or others a gift with a switch, you should do not take too long with the purchase. Otherwise there could be a nasty surprise under the Christmas tree.

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