Amazon Music supports spatial sound through headphones

announced Amazon says Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to music tracks with spatial sound using their favorite headphones using the Amazon Music app for Android and iOS.

The company supports two spatial audio formats: Dolby Atmos (also offered by Apple Music) and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio.

The Atmos mix is ​​provided by record companies. So the immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience should be pretty similar between Amazon and Apple services — except for head tracking, which the e-commerce giant doesn’t support.

AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and AirPods 3rd generation all have the option of Dynamic Head Tracking, which provides a unique audio experience as you move your head in different directions.

Amazon has offered spatial audio since 2019. But it’s been limited to a short list of devices including the Echo Studio and Sony SRS-RA5000.

The feature now works with any headphones you have. You see an Atmos badge or a 360 badge in the Amazon Music app when playing spatial tracks.

Like Apple, Tidal, and others who took part in the experiment, the e-commerce giant claims that spatial audio provides a multi-dimensional audio experience, adding space, clarity, and depth not achievable with traditional stereo music.

Amazon Music subscribers also get access to high-quality lossless audio tracks and high-definition, high-definition audio tracks. And that without the need to upgrade the account to do so.

“We have always believed that the highest possible sound quality should be the standard for streaming music,” the company said. So we provide spatial sound to our clients without the need for any special equipment. No upgrade is required.

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Amazon Music introduces spatial audio

The company has canceled the extra amount it was charging for lossless audio tracks On the same day that Apple began streaming high-quality files. But you still have to technically add the feature to your account.

Amazon says it has more than 75 million A song available in the high quality category in CD quality and millions in premium quality.

Amazon Music Unlimited is available for a subscription price of $9.99 per month (or $7.99 for Prime subscribers). and don’t allow plan The cheapest single device with high fidelity, high quality or spatial audio playback.

It’s worth noting that music streaming services aren’t the only platforms looking to take advantage of spatial sound, as Clubhouse introduced spatial sound to Android last month.

In addition, Netflix announced the access of spatial audio to its applications across the iPhone and iPad.

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