Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program

Apple has extended its AirPods Pro Repair Program that provides free repairs or replacements for earphones that have noise cancellation or fixed sounds issues.

Reddit users were the first to Discover The change in support page The company’s repair program, which now indicates that the program covers affected AirPods Pro devices for three years after their first retail sale, instead of two years. The page appears to have been updated at the beginning of October.

Done Introducing the support program in the original In October 2020, one year after the original release of AirPods Pro in 2019. This means that the company’s repair program was introduced at the time when the warranty was due to expire on the launch units.

And with the extension of the reform program to three years. AirPods Pro purchased at launch must now be covered until October 2022.

The company says it fixes the following issues with AirPods Pro:

  • Cracking or constant noises that increase in noisy environments, while exercising or while talking on the phone.
  • Active noise cancellation does not work as expected. Such as losing the bass or increasing background noises, such as street noise or airplane noise.

The Additional Information section of the page now notes that customers who purchased AirPods at launch in 2019 are covered through October 2022 if this issue arises.

Those who bought AirPods Pro in 2020 before the patched version was released in October 2020 can get repairs through 2023.

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Apple tries to please AirPods Pro users

And if you are experiencing any of these issues. You now have an extra year to get a free repair as part of the repair program. This often means that the company gives you a chance to replace the product with a new one.

To do so, the company says you must contact their support team or an authorized service provider. Or make an appointment at one of its stores.

The company says AirPods Pro are screened prior to service to verify eligibility for the program. The program applies to AirPods Pro only, not AirPods or AirPods Max.

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