Apple’s HomePod mini falling in price: hammer offer is only valid for a short time

Apple’s small and currently only Siri speaker is very popular. But how cheap is the “roaring ball” at the moment? Under no circumstances do we have to pay as much as Apple directly, and there is currently a really great offer. We’ll tell you where you can strike.

Apple’s HomePod mini is currently available for only 84 euros

Apple officially charges 99 euros for the HomePod mini. In and of itself cheap, but in free trade we pay even less. For example, offers the currently best price MediaMarkt. We only pay 84 euros – including shipping costs (see at MediaMarkt). It gets more expensive elsewhere, at least 10 euros. We can save ourselves that if we buy MediaMarkt directly. But watch out: the price is only valid until November 18th or while stocks last. The model is available in space gray and white, the colorful versions are not yet available in this country.

If we look at the price drop of the HomePod mini over the past few months (see, the small Apple loudspeakers were occasionally cheaper, but mostly only from lesser-known retailers. MediaMarkt is already a different number, so you know where to order and can access it worry-free.

What is the HomePod mini good for?

You shouldn’t expect great sound miracles, but for a loudspeaker of this size the sound is more than just satisfactory. It is above all the features and the integration in the Apple world that suggest a purchase. Just a few key points: AirPlay 2 with multiroom enables the simultaneous sound reinforcement of several HomePods throughout the house, with Siri we control Apple Music and we can also use the HomePod mini as Intercom system inside the house use – cool. In short: you can’t go wrong with the price.

Tip: If you prefer stereo sound, you can buy two HomePod minis and virtually combine them to form a stereo pair.

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