Apple’s plans for the next generation iPhone SE

The first iPhone SE was a great success, because it was providing leading specifications in light of the arrival of the old design of iPhone phones on the one hand, and its arrival at an affordable price on the other hand. Four years after the launch of the first generation of the phone, Apple launched the second generation in 2020.

The company did not clarify the fate of the SE series of iPhone phones, especially since the announcement of the second generation was unexpected. Especially that what distinguishes this phone is its average price, its small size, and its arrival with the new design based on the fingerprint sensor instead of Face ID.

Some reports have pointed to the fact that the Cupertino giant is currently developing the third generation of the phone. However, no accurate leaks have emerged so far. Some reports also mentioned that Apple may rely on the design of the iPhone 11 in the next generation.

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The company is currently selling the iPhone 11 at a price that is only $ 100 more than phone iPhone SE 2. Therefore, some reports have indicated merging the two phones together, but this may not happen, given that the two phones are different in almost everything.

But on the other hand, the only logical path for the iPhone SE series is to maintain the same old design that users love, but with some touches to differentiate the versions from each other, and this is in addition to focusing on the internal specifications of the phone.

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Apple’s plans for iPhone SE 3

When the company launched the second generation of the iPhone SE, it had already relied on the new design of the iPhone. It is interpreted that the company launched this generation to target lovers of the old design, lovers of the traditional fingerprint sensor, as well as those with low budget.

And apparently, the company will return the ball with the same thought. As the iPhone SE 3 will come with a modern processor, perhaps A14 Bionic, in addition to relying on the fifth generation networks.

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The company is not expected to put the latest A15 Bionic processor inside the phone, especially in the presence of a mini version. Which comes with the latest Apple design for phones, but at a relatively low price and with leading specifications.

It is expected that Apple will announce the new generation of iPhone SE in early 2022. And do not forget the fact that the iPhone SE 2 was just an improved version of the iPhone 8. Therefore, the company will not need a lot of time and resources to develop a new version of the phone.

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