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Best App Store Apps This Week

We are back to you this week with a group of the best App Store apps that you can download and enjoy on your phones.

These applications provide a variety of services that you need in your phone, and some of these applications replace official Apple products.

This is because it offers a larger and better range of uses that you can rely on directly instead of the original Apple applications that are sometimes less good than available.

Spark Mail is an email management app

Features an app Spark Its easy-to-use interface encourages you to rely on the application completely and avoid the Apple Mail application.

The application divides the emails that you receive into groups according to the contents of the message, such as newsletters or personal messages.

The app can manage more than one email account, but it doesn’t split groups between all of your accounts.

ASL app for learning sign language

This helps Application Those interested in learning sign language, specifically American Sign Language, which is the most widespread around the world, through which you can master and experience this language.

It relies heavily on videos to teach you sign language, as this app helps you master the letters of the American alphabet quickly.

The app offers its main and basic content for free, but if you want more professional content, you can subscribe to it for $10.

Elevate app

presents to you Elevate An opportunity to learn writing, reading, speaking and mathematics, as it presents you with a set of challenges that you must complete.

The application also includes a variety of challenges suitable for each level of knowledge of these sciences, and it tests you to determine your ability and shows you the appropriate content with you.

Therefore, you can rely on it to learn and master more major cognitive skills quickly and quickly, and you need to subscribe to the application in order to unlock all levels of various skills.

FlipBoard App

Works Flipboard It collects information and news from all the online sites and presents it to you directly in one easy to access interface.

You can also add your own sites that you want to follow or choose sites through the categories displayed within the application.

This application is suitable for lovers of reading and reading new news day by day, and you can think of it as an electronic magazine that brings you the entire Internet.

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