Debt collection letter is fraud – never pay!

Currently there is a warning against a debt collection scam, with which criminals want to circumvent their distrust of fraudulent e-mails. Participation in a competition allegedly costs money that a debt collection company is now trying to collect. GIGA explains how to behave.

The fraud comes in the mail: Suddenly, a letter from a debt collection company comes in, trying to use lies and pressure to pull the money out of your pocket. It is easy to overlook the fact that there is something wrong with it …

What is behind the fake debt collection letters?

Letters from companies such as “Pro Collect AG“,”Solution debt collection” or the “Law firm Dr. Herzog & Partner“. They usually include those mentioned Addresses to companies where you can hire office services and mail forwarders can. There are debt collection companies mentioned above no business registrations. The letters claim that one has participated in a competition and because it not terminated became, got it converted into a subscription, for which one should now pay. The people contacted can’t rememberto have taken part in such a competition at all. the Typically, writing is well done and sometimes even refer to Web pagesthat, however all fake are. What is very dubious about these letters is that the victims can, for example, get rid of their alleged debts by receiving one Partial amount to a foreign service provider or about one Bank abroad transfer. But sometimes there is also one Direct debit authorization demands.

How should one behave with such a debt collection letter?

Money transferred abroad is almost impossible to get back. For this reason you should ever do it do not settle claims that go to foreign accounts or financial service providers such as Western Union.

Here are a few rules you should use to check the fake debt collection letters:

First of all, there is one Basic rule for every debt collection letter: Checks whether the claims are justified. The clients of such companies must be able to prove this perfectly. If they are not right, you should object immediately and send the whole thing as a registered mail with shipment tracking. In the present case you can save yourself that though, because the Claims clearly not legal are and only serve to deceive you. You should do not respond to this letter at all!
the Brandenburg consumer advice center warns in front of several such debt collection companies and published a list of names and addresses of the fraud companies. If the sender of the letter is listed there, you can safely ignore the letter. These letters supposedly come from Senders from Germany and they may be identifiable by the landlords of the addresses and the operators of the financial services. Immediately go with the letter to the police and file a complaint.

When you receive a letter like this, it’s always a good idea to put it aside and calm down. If you reread these letters correctly, you may notice a lot of inconsistencies, such as the claim that there has already been a judgment and the fact that deadlines and dates cannot be correct at all.

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