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FAI World Parachuting Championships – Qatar’s skydivers win gold

Yesterday at the 24th FAI (FĂ©dĂ©ration AĂ©ronautique Internationale – World Aerosports Federation) World Championships of Formation Skydiving, the Qatari skydiving team, affiliated with the Qatar Air Sports Committee in the Joint Special Forces, won gold in the Four-way Rotation Canopy Formation competition.

Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Hani, Hassan Al Malki and Ali Marri won first place after leading the points table after eight rounds with 151 points. Belarus won the bronze with 135 points, while the Russian team took silver with 147.

A second-place finish by the Qatar ‘A’ team in the Two-way Sequential Canopy Formation competition earned Qatar the silver medal. First place went to the France ‘A’ team, who scored 243 points, and third place went to France ‘B’ team, who scored 194 points.

It was decided to run five rounds of the competition yesterday in order to avoid any interruptions due to the bad weather forecast for tomorrow. Commander of the Joint Special Forces and Chairman of the Qatar Air Sports Committee, Major General Hamad bin Abdullah Al Fetais Al Marri credited Qatar’s wise leadership and the Qatari people for this accomplishment.

A first-time gold medal in the Four-way Rotation Canopy Formation competition, he said, is an important and historic achievement. He also noted that the Qatari team defeated the Russian team.

Abdullah Hamad Al Athba, vice-president of the Qatar Air Sports Committee, said: “We dedicate this achievement to the Qatari people.” We’ve won three medals in this tournament: a gold, a silver, and a bronze one. Two-way Sequential was the silver medalist with a bronze medal going to a four-way formation team. ”

Al Athba added that this achievement is the result of a great deal of hard work over a number of years, and it is a great achievement for Qatari sport.

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