Far Cry 6: Mongoose and Humans – Treasure Hunt Solution (Find Deadly Dose)

In the treasure hunt “Mungo and Man” from Far Cry 6 you should find Álvaro’s hiding place and have to steal the key from a nasty mongoose. In the end, however, you will receive the unique “Lethal Dose” pistol as a reward. In our walkthrough with video we show you the solution to the treasure hunt.

Solution for “mongoose and humans” in the video (Far Cry 6)

You can start the treasure hunt “Mungo and Man” in Siniestra near the Lucero lighthouse in Costa del Mar (Madrugada). Read the note on the wooden mast in the tire next to the small boat to start the treasure hunt.

In the following video we show you the starting point and the solution for the treasure hunt “Mungo and Man”:

Find Álvaro’s hiding place and get a “Deadly Dose”

In this treasure hunt you should find Álvaro’s hiding place. To do this, first go to the south side of the search area and open the door by shooting the padlock. Then go to the back yard of the house and grab the key to the right of the entrance to the shed.

In the back yard you will find the key for the shed with the mongoose in it (Far Cry 6).

Now equip a strong weapon before you open the shed door, because the elite mongoose La Comadreja will push you back after opening the door and try to escape. But you have to kill him because he has the key to the camp. So go after him quickly and eliminate him.

If you have finally struck down Álvaro’s archenemy, you can use the key in the treasure chest in the house and open it to successfully complete the treasure hunt. As a reward, you will receive the unique “Lethal Dose” pistol. This is extremely easy to use, has an extended magazine and a precise short-range sight.

As a reward you will receive the unique pistol "Deadly dose" (Far Cry 6).

Do you still have problems or questions about the treasure hunt “Mungo and Humans” in Far Cry 6? Then write it to us in the comments and also help each other to solve problems.

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