From next week at Aldi: Jeep e-bike reduced again in price

E-bikes are still all the rage in 2021 and are still hard to come by. Good prices are few and far between. How crazy does Aldi have to be to reduce an offer that is already good in and of itself? From next week there will be a neat e-bike again at a discount. Not just any e-bike, but a branded model from the well-known off-road vehicle manufacturer Jeep.

Update from November 1st, 2021: Practical already existed in August Jeep e-bike to buy at Aldi Süd, now the pedelec will be available again from next Monday (November 8th) in the joint online shop of the two sister companies in the group. Instead of the previous summer for 1,149 euros, then you only pay 979 euros – another 170 euros saved (see Aldi).

The price is only valid while stocks last and includes shipping costs. In addition to black and white, there is now also a blue version of the e-bike to choose from. If you don’t want to miss it, you should hurry. You can order from 7 a.m. on Monday.

Original article:

A Jeep e-bike? It actually exists and you can buy one of them from Aldi Süd at a particularly affordable price. However, you shouldn’t venture into the terrain with it, because that Jeep City E-Bike is more for a leisurely excursion in town and country. Cost point normally 1,499 euros, but at Aldi Süd only 1,149 euros – Best price in the whole of Germany.

At Aldi Süd: City E-Bike from Jeep

By the way, you don’t have to go to the branch, because the Jeep City E-Bike is available directly from “Aldi Liefer”, which means it is nationwide and on top of that Free shipping by forwarding agency delivered. Anyone interested can order since August 12th.

There are two versions to choose from, but they only differ in color. The model Jeep City E-Bike ECR 3001 has a white finish (look at Aldi), the model Jeep City E-Bike ECR 3000 (see at Aldi) a black paint. The pedelec is aimed equally at women and men (frame size M, approx. 44 cm), has 28-inch wheels, is blessed with a pleasantly low step-through from the outset and is therefore also of interest to senior citizens. But depending on what is the good of the cheap brand name e-bike?

Is it worth buying a Jeep e-bike?

At the price of 1,149 euros, of course we have to forego one or the other comfort. So there is no suspension fork, no disc brake, no mid-engine and no battery stuck on or in the frame. Instead, customers receive an e-bike with a more classic and inexpensive approach.

This smart bike can do even more, but it also costs more. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look Video:

For example, a 250 W rear motor from RKS, a 6-speed derailleur system from SHIMANO and a lithium-ion battery on the luggage rack, which in the best case scenario Guaranteed range of up to 80 kilometers (36V, 10.4 Ah 374.4 Wh). So, above all, something for the daily commuter, perhaps less for the big touring rider. If you are aware of this and no longer expect it, you should find a loyal companion in the Jeep City E-Bike. And with the price, you don’t have to think twice.

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