Google Chrome: Browser gets new feature that we have been waiting for years

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Now Google will integrate a function that we have wanted for years and that was previously only usable via an extension. This makes the browser even better. It’s about screenshots.

Google Chrome: Browser gets native screenshot function

It was only recently announced that Google would like to give the Chrome browser a share menu. You can use it to perform a wide variety of functions. One of them will be the new screenshot function. The browser lacks this so far. Who one Take a screenshot of a website or parts of it wants, has to resort to extensions. This makes them superfluous.

The screenshot function in Google’s Chrome browser is not entirely new. Up to now, however, it was not accessible to normal users, but had to be accessed via the “Developer Console”. Will appear in the future the Share menu next to the bookmark icon, which can be used to take a screenshot. This can then be edited or downloaded directly (source: 9to5google).

Compared to Firefox, however, the screenshot function is not quite as extensive. One can for example do not scroll in screenshot mode and save the entire website. You can only record what you see. In addition, the storage location cannot be changed. Everything ends up in the download folder. In the future, these functions could of course be integrated by Google.

If you want to set Chrome as the default browser under Windows 11, you have to Video see:

New function comes with the upcoming Google Chrome browser update

The new screenshot function should appear in the next version of the Chrome browser. However, Google has to make sure that the feature works without any problems. At the moment there are still slight problems that need to be resolved. When the new function is activated, we will inform you.

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