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On October 19, Google is preparing to hold an event to announce the new Pixel 6 lineup, which is supposed to include the regular Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but if you want an early look at what to expect, you may Spread Leaker Evan Blass A large collection of leaked photos.

The leaks include what appear to be official presentations for both phones, photos of the cases, and some photos of people using the phones.

And ever since early rumors of the Pixel 6 lineup have surfaced across the web, there have been questions about why the company decided to put the huge camera bar across the back of both phones.

And since the tape doesn’t extend across the entire back of the phones, there has been a concern that it would make them unbalanced when placed on a desk.

The leaks include a dozen photos of people using phones, and seeing these photos shows things related to the Pixel 6 design. The camera bar and two-tone color options give the lineup a unique look.

And you can’t go wrong with the Pixel 6 lineup with any other phone. Even if someone doesn’t know what a Pixel 6 is, it definitely won’t mix with an iPhone. And this distinctive look might be enough for people who haven’t tried a Pixel before getting a Pixel 6.

And based on the photos shared by Plus, the official Google cases fit the camera bump. But it seems that there are spikes on the rims around the bump. So the phone will not remain balanced when laid on its back even with cases on.

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Google is preparing to announce the Pixel 6 lineup

Plus also shared photos of the Pixel 6 in green, black, and orange, and the Pixel 6 Pro in silver, space gray, black, and gold.

These images do not contain many surprises, as Google revealed the designs and colors of the phones in August.

Plus last week leaked some other images of the upcoming phones as well. Including images of the new Pixel Stand Wireless Charger that is rumored to support 23W wireless charging.

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