Google should do its best to convince us to buy the Pixel 6

The date of the Google conference broadcast, which takes place today, October 19, at eight in the evening, UK time, is approaching. During this conference, the new Google Pixel 6 phones will finally be revealed, which will come in two versions, the regular version and the Pro version.

Google faces a major challenge in persuading users to switch to Pixel phones instead of other leading Android phones, and instead of iPhones. Perhaps the reason behind this is that Google did not give enough attention to its smartphones before.

Perhaps this has appeared in the pricing and specifications of those phones, as the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and even Pixel 5 phones came with leading specifications, but they are not the most pioneering, and on the other hand, their prices were no more than the prices of the lowest category in the iPhone phones for the same year.

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In addition, Pixel phones have greatly outperformed the camera and imaging performance, especially in terms of software. But on the other hand, it was not the most widespread, especially with the problems that Google suffers from with regard to the global distribution of its products.

It is known that Pixel phones bear the name and trademark of Google. However, Google has never been responsible for adequately designing and manufacturing its phones. Whereas, the Nexus phones from 2010 to 2015 came from third-party manufacturers, and this situation continued until 2019.

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The present and future of the Pixel 6

The Pixel 3A, which was launched in 2019, is the first phone to be fully worked out by multiple teams within Google, which also included former HTC engineers and designers.

But this phone was average in terms of specifications and performance, and it came at a price of 399 USD. But it seems that Google has begun to take the smartphone market more seriously. Whereas, the Pixel 6 phones are flagship phones in all respects.

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Perhaps the Google Pixel phones are the most ambitious phones from Google since the Nexus series of phones. It shows us how much the company is interested in new releases, and besides that, the promotional campaigns for the phone are the biggest Since the Pixel 5 phone.

And it looks like Google’s spending on advertising campaigns won’t be a passing occurrence, as the company’s director of hardware, Rick Osterloe, told The Verge that the company is willing to invest heavily in marketing to further grow the Pixel brand.

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The Pixel 6 phones feature a design that is not found in any other smartphone from any other company. There is no doubt that the design is an aesthetic thing that depends on the taste of the user, but the general opinions about the design have been positive.

In addition to the design, Google offers in its new phones a processor of its development, which is Tensor, and of course, this processor may be less performing than the leading Qualcomm processors that run expensive Android phones, but the presence of this processor shows the extent of Google’s incursion in the development of hardware in the Pixel 6 by herself.

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According to the leaks, Pixel phones will offer a large number of distinctive software features, which is normal because Google in this situation develops the phone itself, develops its own processor, and develops the Android system itself, which will lead to an excellent user experience.

Will the phone be successful

No one can say for sure whether the Pixel 6 phones will succeed or fail. But it’s all in Google’s hands. Pixel phones need extensive marketing to compensate for recent years. It is known that Pixel phones in general dominate a very small share of the smart phone market, and phones usually achieve sales in a few countries.

There is no doubt that Google needs to improve its distribution and sales strategies. As the previous Pixel phones were only officially available in a few markets,

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According to reports, Google will produce seven million units of its new phone, which is a large number but few compared to competitors. Simply put, Google needs to aggressively market the new phones, to make them available in a variety of markets, and to provide an attractive user experience.

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