ID.5 (GTX): VW shows itself capable of learning with the electric car – but leaves a lot to be desired

VW has officially presented the new ID.5 and its sports variant ID.5 GTX to the public. It is the Wolfsburg-based company’s first e-SUV coupé and is intended to advance the transformation to an e-car manufacturer. This works in theory, only in practice there are still questions unanswered.

ID.5 (GTX) from VW: Many good approaches, little innovation

With the ID.5 and its sporty version ID.5 GTX, VW is sending two new electric cars into the race today – but not yet on the market. Sales should start in 2022, the manufacturer does not give an exact date. Even when it comes to price, VW has not yet looked into its cards. One is expected Price just above that of the ID.4, which starts at around 38,000 euros in the cheapest equipment variant.

For the battery, VW installed the larger version from the ID.4 with a capacity of 77 kWh. The minimized air resistance of the ID.5 (GTX) should be for a slightly longer range of up to 520 km worry (source: Auto Motor Sport). The new electric VW is capable of quick charging up to 135 kW, optimized charging processes should ensure shorter stops: the ID.5 will be able to charge for up to 390 km (320 km for the GTX) in 30 minutes.

VW attaches great importance to the appearance, but that is a matter of taste. The ID.5 looks like a beefy Tesla to me. During today’s live performance – to be seen in Video – In any case, one relied more on pretty effects than on hard facts. Two engine variants are offered, the ID.5 comes with rear-wheel drive, the GTX with dual motor, i.e. all-wheel drive.

The ID.Software 3.0 should, among other things monitor the traffic situation in the vicinity using swarm data – as long as there are other cars nearby that support the same features. That serves the security (source: VW). Intelligent overtaking is also available as an option, as is the augmented reality display familiar from its predecessor, which shows information in the driver’s field of vision. As with all cars in the ID family, updates and additional software functions are activated “over the air” with the ID.5.

VW is not reinventing the electric car

Nevertheless, after the performance there remains a somewhat empty feeling: is that all? For example, a promising function remains by the wayside for the time being. The ID.5 is intended to support bidirectional charging, so it can release charged electricity again when required. A good idea, but one that Hyundai is already implementing in the Ioniq 5 or the group brother Kia EV6. Of the ID.5 is advertised with it, but has not yet mastered it. As can be seen from the small print in the introduction, it will be delivered at an unspecified point in time.

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