Far Cry 6: The Long Fall – Treasure Hunt Solution (Find Dig Site)

In the treasure hunt “The Long Fall” in Far Cry 6 you should open a locked warehouse and have to find the worker’s key. At the end of the day, you will receive the unique “Excavation Site” shotgun as a reward. In our walkthrough including video we show you the solution to the treasure hunt.

Solution for “The Long Fall” in the video (Far Cry 6)

You can start the treasure hunt “The Long Fall” at the Santos Espinosa dam south of the Catalina ridge in La Joya (El Este). Read the note to the right of the locked storage door to start the treasure hunt.

In the following video we show you the starting point and the solution to the treasure hunt “The Long Fall”:

Find the key to the camp and get the “excavation site”

After reading the note, first cross the dam and go to the control house on the other side. The front entrance is locked, so climb over the tendrils next to it onto the roof and let yourself fall down on the other side of the balcony. Here you can shoot the padlock of the entrance door through the lattice window.

In the building you will find a note on the control panel that tells you the Reveals the order in which you have to press the switches to open the dam.

First press the switch by the yellow desk between the calendar and the entrance door. Next, press the button between the hydraulic monitoring machines. Third, turn the valve on the wall to the east. Now all the control lights at the desk flash green and you can press the main switch to open the dam.

Activate the switches and valves in the order shown before you press the last switch at the control point (Far Cry 6).

Through the drained water you can go to the middle of the dam Corpse of the worker jump down and you guys Key card to the dam shed snap from him.

In the middle of the dam, the body of the workers lies on the ground (Far Cry 6).

Then pull yourself back up with your climbing hook and open the locked warehouse with the key card. Inside you can open the crocodile box to successfully complete the treasure hunt. As a reward, you will receive the unique “Excavation Site” shotgun, which, among other things, has poisonous projectiles.

As a reward you will receive the unique shotgun "Excavation site" (Far Cry 6).

Do you still have problems or questions about the treasure hunt “The Long Fall” in Far Cry 6? Then let us know in the comments.

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