Identification documents should not be stored in the Apple Wallet

Smartphones have begun to replace a large number of other gadgets and products. Perhaps this became evident when the user became able to use his smartphone to pay instead of a credit card. And I have a company Apple some additional ideas that will facilitate the experience more and more.

This is where Apple announced several weeks ago that it is possible to save identification documents on the iPhone and use them instead of the physical copy. This feature will already be implemented in eight US states soon.

This feature is based on scanning your ID card, driver’s license and other documents. And then display it to whom it may concern directly through the user’s iPhone. Although the idea is distinctive and increases the ease of daily life, experts see great risks in it.

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These risks are represented in the police gaining the right to force the user to unlock his phone. It is a right that you do not have at the moment. This is as any policeman may ask the citizen to unlock his phone and give it to him to view the document.

But Apple on the other hand has you said Officially, it said, “The driver’s license and local identification card are displayed in encrypted form over the phone for the other party to view. This happens without the user having to unlock the phone in the first place. Besides, there is no need to give the phone to the policeman.”

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Apple Wallet includes personal documents

Specialists believe that policemen may abuse this feature. For example, they may refuse to recognize the document unless the phone is unlocked or the phone is held in their hands.

This is while the United States of America is already suffering from the issue of police abuse of their powers. Specialists have also advised to always rely on a physical identification card when dealing with the police.

On the other hand, it was discussed. It is to find the perfect excuse from abusive policemen in the event of a problem and refer it to the judiciary. The police may not be able to see the documents over the phone.

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On the other hand, others think that there is no need to use this feature in the first place. This is because the user gives Apple a copy of his ID and driver’s license. This can be dangerous even if the documents are encrypted.

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