Instagram plans subscription model: first prices surfaced

Many popular apps will soon be introducing a subscription model in order to be able to make money. It has now been announced that Instagram is also planning a payment model that incurs monthly fees. The advertising shouldn’t go away as a result.

Instagram subscription is said to cost up to $ 5

Only yesterday it became known that the popular Telegram app was preparing a subscription model to hide the recently announced advertising. Information about the Instagram app is now appearing. They are also planning a subscription model there, but this should rather go in the direction of supporting the creators. According to current knowledge, fans should send their idols via In-app purchase from 99 cents to $ 4.99 can support (source: TechCrunch). So it sounds like a subscription to Twitch or YouTube.

Instagram announced some time ago that it wanted to offer influencers new opportunities to make money. Recently, for example, links were activated in stories. In the future, a subscription model could be used to restrict access to certain content. Who pays should then Being able to see the influencer’s “exclusive stories”. Everyone else has to be content with the free content, which is then likely to be a little less. The pressure to take out a subscription is likely to be correspondingly high so as not to miss anything.

On Instagram, advertising is displayed between the posts. That should continue to exist. With the new Subscription model you will be able to support the Creator directly, similar to Patreon or OnlyFans. With millions of followers, this could be a really big source of income for influencers, of which Instagram then of course branches off a share.

In this Video we reveal great tips for Instagram:

Instagram wants to provide better information

After the major failure some time ago, Instagram promised that they would like to better inform users about changes in the app. At the latest when the subscription is there and there is another failure, the annoyance could be even greater. At the moment everything is still free.

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