Microsoft may design its own processor for Surface devices

Appear Recent Job List Microsoft is looking for a Director of System Architecture on the SoC, a full-time position within the Surface division.

The job listing specifies the necessary qualifications to be considered for the position and some of the responsibilities. But the most interesting aspect is what it doesn’t say explicitly, and the company probably wants to design its own processor, just as Apple does.

And the job listing says: Are you passionate about building great devices and technologies? The Surface team works to highlight the company’s experiences with the next generation of devices. A key part of our strategy is to bring productivity and mobility together through devices that enable new experiences. Helping people and organizations unleash their creativity, passion and potential.

It seems that the big step in the consumer technology market these days is for companies to design their own processor in one form or another.

Apple has been making the Apple A series chipsets for the iPhone and iPad for a long time. But it looks like Google is starting to catch up. Even Vivo has entered its own V1 imagine signal processor.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft joined. This is despite the fact that its exact plans are still the subject of much speculation and controversy. But it is preparing for some serious measures in this area.

As one of the world’s largest and oldest technology giants, the company has expertise in many aspects of the industry.

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Microsoft may follow Apple on chips

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the software giant made its own processor behind the scenes. But that could change soon, especially with the trend in the consumer technology market lately.

There have also been rumors of a partnership between Microsoft and AMD via a dedicated processor. Instead of an x86/x64 processor like AMD Ryzen chips, this is allegedly an ARM-based Cortex-X1 chip.

This could be a huge blow to Qualcomm. However, Qualcomm upgraded the SQ1 and SQ2 chipsets found in the Surface Pro X based on the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 1 and Gen 2 processors, respectively.

It also states that the Silicon Engineering Department as a whole is responsible for determining the features and capabilities of the SoCs that are put into Surface devices. And it’s clear that the company is currently building the next generation of Surface devices.

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