“Nama” honors the winner of the best micro-company

Doha: The Center for Social Development “Nama” presented the fifth prize for the Best Micro company award at the “Qatar Entrepreneurship Award and Conference 2021”. The seventh edition, which was held during the past few days under the slogan “Digital Transformation and the New Economy: Opportunities for Innovation and Prosperity”, was organized by Qatar Development Bank.
His Excellency H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Qassim Al Abdullah Al Thani, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr Saba Mohammed Al Fadala, Executive Director of the Center for Social Development, and a number of eminent personalities and entrepreneurs attended the event.
On this occasion, Ms Saba Mohammed Al-Fadala, Executive Director of the Center for Social Development “Nama” said, “We are very proud as Nama Center of this conference and we appreciate the efforts of Qatar Development Bank to support entrepreneurs by holding such conferences in support of projects, and we are very pleased with the participation of the Nama Center in honouring the winner”.
Award for the most successful micro company for the seventh edition of the Qatar Entrepreneurship Award and Conference for the year 2021. This is because the award is nothing more than a stimulus for owners of small and micro companies, allowing them to continue to innovate and excel in entrepreneurship.

Al-Fadala pointed out that our presence today at this award with Qatar Development Bank is a real partnership and solid cooperation between the Center and Qatar Development Bank at all levels, considering that the “Qatar Entrepreneurship Award and Conference 2021” is a conference that provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurs, and has also become an effective platform to identify and discuss the diverse challenges faced by innovators, entrepreneurs, and SMEs.

Al-Fadala explained that the Nama Center always seeks to provide support to young Qatari entrepreneurs, providing all their needs of services, financial and logistical support, in order to pave the way for them to reach their goals, pointing out that the award comes in the context of motivating Qatari youth and encouraging them to innovate. Encouraging entrepreneurship and boosting the spirit of competition among them, within the framework of achieving the strategic objectives of the Nama Center for the development of small and micro-enterprises.

Mrs Saba Mohammed Al-Fadala, Executive Director of the Center for Social Development “Nama”, presented the fifth prize for the benefit of Render Advertising and Printing Company for the outstanding micro-company for the year 2021, which demonstrated practical excellence, managed its operations efficiently, provided original services or products, or developed its current services and introduced innovation into its work system.

It is worth mentioning that the Qatar Entrepreneurship Award “Pioneers Award” is an initiative held once every two years to celebrate successful Qatari entrepreneurs and their achievements in promoting innovation and spreading the culture of entrepreneurship

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