Qatar’s 999 emergency receives massive applause!

In a poll, the vast majority of respondents rated the response time of Qatar’s 999 emergency service as “excellent.” According to a current study on the Ministry of Interior’s website, 79 per cent of respondents rated the service as “excellent” and just 13 per cent rated it as “good.”

A total of 1,303 people voted in the poll. 1,023 respondents (79%) believe that Qatar’s 999 emergency service’s response is outstanding, while 166 respondents (13%) believe that it is ‘good’ Only 4% of respondents thought it was merely “okay.”

Eighty-four per cent of respondents to a poll conducted by the Interior Ministry in June-July this year on the Ministry’s efforts in implementing COVID-19 preventive measures described them as ‘very good, while nine per cent said they were ‘good’. The online survey had been completed by 3,627 individuals.

Fire, accident, ambulance, alarm warning, and other sorts of complaints are all handled by 999 emergency service, which transmits them to the appropriate department.

It is available all time and accepts calls in Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Filipino, and Urdu. People with hearing impairments can contact it through video, SMS, or e-mail to report an emergency, and it will respond and provide the required help.


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