Pixel 6 falling in price: a brand new Google phone already cheaper

With the Pixel 6, Google has brought a high-end smartphone onto the market that has many “magic software tricks” in store but does not cost a fortune. Only a few days after the official market launch, the Google cell phone is being sold at a discount at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Google Pixel 6 falling in price

Those who were able to resist the urge and did not buy the Pixel 6 immediately after the presentation for the price of 649 euros can be happy. As part of the Singles Day, MediaMarkt and Saturn reduced the price by 11 percent. So you come to one Price of a mere 577.61 euros (look at MediaMarkt). The discount is automatically deducted from the shopping cart. The promotion runs until 11/13/2021 at 11:59 p.m. or while stocks last. There are no shipping costs.

If you then register for the newsletter at MediaMarkt or Saturn, you can save an additional 10 euros. You will not get cheaper to the Pixel 6 in the near future.

What Makes the Google Pixel 6 So Special?

I already wrote about the “magic software tricks” of the Pixel 6 above. And Google actually has it. Thanks to its own tensor chip, the Android smartphone has functions that no other cell phone in the world offers. in the Video we show you these tricks:

But it’s not just the software that makes the Pixel 6 special. You also get a very good 90 Hz display, one of the best smartphone cameras, long battery life and of course the Update guarantee for five years. So you buy a smartphone that gets better and better over time with updates and new features and can be used safely for at least five years.

If you want a telephoto lens for the camera and a slightly better LTPO-OLED display with 120 Hz, you have to grab the Google Pixel 6 Pro (to the test). Due to the difficult availability, this is not part of the promotion and continues to cost 899 euros (check it out at MediaMarkt).

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