Spotify Promotes Podcasts Through Its Service

announced Spotify is opening up access to a new tool for content creators that will allow them to start posting podcast videos on its service.

The platform has invested nearly $1 billion in podcasting among acquisitions, exclusive deals and other partnerships. And now you want people to do more than just listen, we want them to watch, too.

The tool is provided by the company’s podcast-creation platform Anchor, expanding the global launch of video podcasts that began last year to a select group of content creators.

The platform said at the time that its first set of podcast videos included the platform’s original and exclusive assets, as well as some podcasts from third parties.

But there was no way for any content maker to post the video through the service. Instead, they had to turn to other video platforms, such as YouTube.

This is now changing. With Anchor, creators can upload podcast videos through their account, similar to how podcast episodes are created and published.

Once published, fans can listen to the podcast across platforms, including through the Spotify mobile app, PC, web version, and most smart TVs and game consoles.

Content creators can also monetize podcast videos while doing audio podcasts through the use of subscriptions.

While creators can set their prices and decide what’s included in the subscription, the platform suggests that subscriptions can provide access to exclusive video content or unlock the video portion of the creator’s podcasts.

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Spotify continues to embrace video

Podcasts can also integrate existing content creator ad partnerships, and soon support newer Auto ads as well.

And while the platform officially opens access to Anchor content creators, the feature is being rolled out gradually. This means that interested content creators have to register on the waiting list at this time.

Meanwhile, the platform’s video list includes podcasts from its original and exclusive originals.

The platform has tried to expand into video in recent years. But her first video efforts failed half a decade ago.

The company has suspended video plans for some time. But she recently indicated her potential interest in returning to the video when it acquired The Ringer Sports Network. And it continued to make more deals in this field.

The expansion of podcasts comes in conjunction with news that YouTube is now thinking about it In increasing investment in podcast efforts.

Bloomberg reported this month that the company is hiring its first podcast-focused executive.

This may have encouraged Spotify to promote its video streaming efforts. This is despite the fact that actual access to the start of the download is still blocked by the queue.

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