The QCDC launches the ‘Little Employee’ program

Doha: A programme titled ‘Little Employee’ has been launched by the Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC). The programme aims to enhance the young people’s knowledge and provide them with a stimulating environment to better understand the work and its different aspects.

QCDC is a part of the Qatar Foundation (QF). Aged between 9 and 15, many children of the QF’s employees participated in the event. This helped them to get familiarised with professional life. The program spanned from 8.00 AM to 1 PM and the participants worked remotely from home with one of their parents.

“This type of program is different from the ‘traditional’ ones. By engaging with parents during their workday, students will learn a range of life skills acquired through observational learning. The children also receive practical advice from their parents about the nature of the profession and become familiar with its hands-on procedures,” said QCDC’s Director, Abdulla Al Mansoori.

“Our children are neither chaotic nor random in managing their lives. We have a great role as parents in creating a suitable environment so that children can complete the process of their training and acquire organizational skills and positive behaviours. Therefore, it is important to explain our time management system and how to align the tasks that need to be done with the time allocated for each task.

“Children may not always understand why parents sometimes prioritize work. However, when they become aware of the tasks that their parents accomplish throughout the day. As we talk to our children about our pursuit of a work-life balance, they will understand the importance of setting these limits for themselves, applying them later in college, or when they embark on their future careers,” Al Mansoori added

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