The QRCS provides relief items to flood-hit families in Sudan

Doha: The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) is helping flood victims in Sudan as part of its varied humanitarian efforts.

Flood victims in White Nile, River Nile and Khartoum have recently received food and non-food supplies from QRCS. A total of 2,758 families and 16,548 people across the three states were helped by these distributions. 500 food packs and 250 non-food kits were provided to 750 families in Umm Galala and Gouda in White Nile.

Mandour Tawfiq, Director of SRCS’s River Nile office, and Sharaf Al-Din Ali Ahmed, Director of Volunteer Development at SRCS’s White Nile chapter, thanked Qatar for its ongoing support for Sudan and praised QRCS’ humanitarian role there.

QRCS personnel and SRCS volunteers handed 500 food packages and 250 non-food kits to 750 people in Al-Bauga (River Nile) and 200 food parcels and 100 non-food kits to 300 families in Khartoum North (North Khartoum) (Khartoum).

In addition, 720 food parcels and 238 non-food kits are now being sent to another 958 families in this state. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and many families were displaced by extreme flooding in these locations last autumn. The impacted individuals in the three states applaud QRCS for providing much-needed assistance.

Dr Awadallah Hamdan, the head of QRCS’s representation office in Sudan, said that he would keep working to help the Sudanese people.

QRCS has been working in Sudan since 2003 and is now working on a number of initiatives. Qatar’s regional development and restoration strategy include encouraging the voluntary return and stability of Darfur. A number of other national water, sanitation, shelter, health and food security projects are also underway.

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