Things you didn’t know about the Apple Watch 7

The Apple Watch 7 has started reaching users who pre-ordered it, and the company announced it about a month ago.

The new watch comes with a distinctive design that is different from the previous watches, as it comes with a screen with much fewer edges.

This helped the company significantly increase the screen size without affecting the overall watch size.

Although everyone knows the features of the new Apple Watch, there are a bunch of things that no one told you about before.

Preparing the Apple Watch 7 for work just got easier and faster

Apple has worked a lot on improving the watch and the system it runs on, so it works much better and faster than in the past.

You are now able to install the watch and get it ready for use very easily and quickly, and the company has solved one of the annoying watch setup problems in the past.

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Change the way apps are displayed

Apple has changed the way the default apps are displayed on the Apple Watch, where you are now able to choose the view while setting up and installing the watch.

When you set up and open the watch for the first time, the watch offers you to automatically choose the way apps are displayed, to choose the right look for you.

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Take advantage of the new fast charging that does not require a special charger

Apple has made the watch charge faster than in the past, by using the USB C port for the charger, in addition to developing charging technology.

You can also benefit from this technology when you use any power outlet that has a USB C port, and it does not have to support 20 watts.

So it’s easy to leave the watch charging at any time of the day and use it to track your daily activities or sleep.

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Using old watch bracelets

Apple has theoretically increased the watch’s screen size, without affecting the overall watch size, in order for older bands to work with it.

The number Apple gives to the watch refers to the screen size only without affecting the overall watch size, so you can use the old bracelets.

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Ditch the diagnostic port on the Apple Watch 7

Apple relied on placing a port to diagnose the watch and detect its own problems, and this port was located under the lower bracelet.

But Apple has completely abandoned this port, as you can’t see the port on the Apple Watch 7.

There is no information if Apple abandoned the port in favor of a wireless port, or only changed its location.

The watch has become dust and dust resistant, and this could be the reason for abandoning the port entirely.

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