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WhatsApp: Facebook is covering its tracks

Facebook no longer wants to be Facebook and has renamed itself Meta. To make this clear, the company decided to adapt the WhatsApp messenger so that affiliation with the group is no longer visible.

Facebook removes logo from WhatsApp messenger

Facebook was once proud of its name and has given all associated apps the “from Facebook” label. If you are currently starting WhatsApp Messenger and the loading screen is displayed, you can still see it below. But that is exactly what will change. Facebook is no longer Facebook as we know it, it is only part of meta. Accordingly, in the current beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the Facebook logos have also been removed and replaced with meta:

This should not have any impact on the scope of functions or the handling of data protection by users. Meta is still Facebook – just with a different name. Even if Mark Zuckerberg tries to create a “metaverse” in which you can sell and advertise things even better in virtual reality, it remains the same company.

This could cause confusion for the more than two billion users who are not in the tech bubble. The lettering alone caused astonishment among them, as there are many people who did not even know that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook. Now it’s just meta that you can’t do anything with.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp in Video presented:

WhatsApp is launching reactions soon

Only recently it became known that Facebook wants to implement a popular social network function in WhatsApp. Soon you will be able to respond to messages with an emoji. You won’t have to send the emoji in chat, you can like reacting to a post with an emoji on Facebookattached to the message. Functions from Facebook to WhatsApp will continue to be adopted, even if everything is now part of Meta.

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