Where Michael Jordan is in the top 100 of NBA statistics

LeBron James recently reached a new milestone in NBA history with the Lakers: he is the first player in the top 100 of the 6 major statistical categories. In this he surpassed Michael Jordan, who is more than a hundred in 3 of these departments.

Michael Jordan, widely considered the greatest player of all time, is fifth in points, 47 in assists, 131 in rebounds, third in steals, 303 in triples and 123 in blocks.

A logical conclusion is that James is a much more balanced player in terms of his playing abilities. However, it must also be taken into account that his long career with 19 years in the NBA allowed him to reach records that Jordan did not think of reaching in 15 seasons.

Everything seems to indicate that LeBron will continue for at least a couple more years in the league, so he will surely continue to climb in all statistical areas and leave the bar ever higher for those who try to match his legendary career.

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