Why You Can’t Resize App Icons in Windows 11

Windows 11 found its frenzy because of its distinctive visual design, however, the system came with changes that users are not used to.

One such change that not everyone is familiar with is the inability to change the size of the taskbar and Start menu icons, which prevents users from customizing the system interface.

This is because Windows 11 was originally Develop for Windows 10x, has developed a company Microsoft previously used to work across dual-screen devices.

This makes the design of the screen and the desktop in general, as well as the toolbar and icons, simpler than usual.

But after turning off Windows 10 X developmentThe company modified it to fit the usual devices, and then migrated the system interface elements.

It became difficult to make changes to customize the taskbar in the short period between uninstalling Windows 10 X and launching the new version.

The company made the decision to launch the new system after making the necessary adjustments to fit the single screen, but it did not focus on customization as it was in the previous version.

However, it is highly expected that the company will offer more customization options in future updates. Including the ability to increase the size of application icons and the new Start menu.

Windows 11 taskbar customization options

As of now, the option to resize the taskbar icons or the Start menu is not officially available from the company.

However you can move the icons on the taskbar including the Start button to the left side of the screen just like that.

You can find out by reading the article: Restore the Start Menu button to its old location in Windows 11You can also customize it by looking at the article: How to customize the taskbar in Windows 11.

And if you think Microsoft should make the taskbar and Start menu more customizable in the new operating system.

The best course of action is to submit your feedback using the Feedback Hub app that comes built into the system. Or communicate directly with the company via Their Twitter account.

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