Windows 11: Old problem from Windows 10 reappears

What was already a problem with Windows 10 can now also be seen in the successor: In the system directory of Windows 11 there are hundreds of empty folders again. After all, they can simply be deleted without any consequences.

Windows 11: Lots of empty folders in the system directory

Even with Windows 10, some users noticed that the same in the System32 directory several hundred folders exist that are created by Windows itself and have no real purpose. There are no files to be found in the folders themselves. The strange problem also shows up with Windows 11, as it now turns out.

The empty folders can be found under C: Windows System32 config systemprofile AppData Local. Windows will first issue a warning when the directory is accessed. Then various folders appear that begin with “tw”. It is a matter of supposedly temporary folderwhich are not deleted by Windows. Windows’ own tool “Provisioning Package Runtime Processing” was identified as the culprit. The problem has existed since at least 2019 (Source: gHacks)

The empty folders do not have any negative effects. You can also deleted without any difficulty will. As with Windows 10, deleting it does not have any negative consequences for Windows 11 either. The fact that the error exists in both versions shows again that Windows 11 is not a completely new development of Windows.

in the Video: This is how hidden files and folders are visible in Windows 11.

Windows 11: File Explorer is difficult

Microsoft struggling with problems. The Windows 11 file explorer sometimes causes extremely high memory usage, which is noticeable with a drop in performance. When the file explorer is open, the RAM utilization can sometimes be up to 99 percent, as annoyed users report.

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