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Twitter and Tik Tok’s interest in NFT technology may increase its spread

Twitter platform started, which showed interest technology NFT has more than once, developed an experimental feature that allows users to use their NFT properties as a personal photo, and besides, those photos will be tagged.

Twitter software engineer Mada Aflac found out about the feature in Short video. The feature allows linking a Twitter account to an electronic wallet on the blockchain. As it appeared in Aflac’s tweet, this disclosure is official, and she asked her followers to share their opinions and suggestions.

Twitter users started using their NFT properties as personal photos a long time ago. With this new feature, Twitter supports them and makes it easier for them. On the other hand, some users on all social media were using NFT proprietary images which constitutes copyright infringement.

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And if you don’t know, it’s a very serious matter. Animator Mike Winkelman has sold his NFT painting for $69 million, and OpenSea’s NFT-dedicated store sees monthly sales of $4 billion.

This technology has been a huge success as it allows the user to own digital items. The property is registered on the blockchain, and anything can be sold, just as Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, sold his first tweet.

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Twitter and Tik Tok are interested in NFT technology

Upon the launch of the new feature from Twitter, owners of digital products via NFT will be able to prove their ownership of it. This may increase the interest in the technology, especially among wealthy people who like to look good, as buying NFT products and using them as a personal image reflects a good image of the user for many.

It seems that Twitter is not the only social network interested in NFT technology. Not long ago, TikTok announced the launch of a range of products within the NFT inspired by selected content creators such as Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, Curtis Roach, and others.

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As part of this step, Tik Tok will sell six clips among the most popular clips on the platform. Also, the profits from the sale will go directly to the creators of those clips. Besides, NFT artists will also get paid.

It shows us that the platform is seeking to make profits through NFT technology. It is also a natural step given the madness of this technology and the huge amounts of money that are being paid in digital products through it. In addition, the Managing Director of the DigitalBits platform stated that this technology will greatly change the concept of ownership in the digital world.

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On the other hand, the idea remains largely illogical. This is because anyone can buy and own someone else’s content, but the content continues to carry the name of its owner, just like Jack Dorsey’s tweet or TikTok clips.

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