7 things that would make the Nintendo Switch even better

Even 4 years after the official launch, the Nintendo Switch is still a long way from being scrapped. The hybrid console is selling splendidly, and a new version, the OLED model, has only recently appeared, which eliminates various problems of the original console. Even so, there are a few things that would make the Switch even better. Nintendo, get out the notepad!

Nintendo Switch: The console still lacks that today

The Nintendo Switch officially went on sale on March 3rd, 2017 and has enjoyed unbroken popularity ever since. The hybrid console is an absolute bestseller and was so popular during the early days of the corona pandemic that it became a real bottleneck.

Despite the high demand, the following still applies: The Nintendo Switch is far from perfect – The new version in 2019 or the OLED model has not changed anything.

But what is the switch actually missing to make it even better? We thought about a few things and with your help we identified 7 things that would make the console even better. Nintendo, copying is expressly allowed!

Yes, with the “Nintendo Switch Online” subscription, users already get access to a few selected NES and SNES classics, but a normal virtual consoleAs gamers already know from the Wii, the 3DS and the Wii U, it would still be a great thing! Whether it will ever come remains to be seen!

It could just as well be that Nintendo continues to put together half-baked remake combos like Super Mario 3D All-Stars and then sell them off at full price – but hope dies last!

The Wii U already had a Netflix app, but it is still missing on the Switch today. After all, YouTube is available on the Nintendo handheld, but many gamers still miss it today Apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + on the console. After all, the screen of the switch is a bit bigger than the display of your own smartphone.

Microsoft and Sony have demonstrated it on the PlayStation and Xbox – they are now also found in almost every game on the PC: Achievements. The small digital trophies contribute to the motivation for many players or, in combination with a short screenshot, are a nice reminder that you can indulge in later. Only Nintendo is still swimming against the current in this regard – this is also the case with our next suggestion for improvement …

Nintendo eShop PayPal

No matter if PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or online shops on the PC such as Steam, GOG or Epic Games – there are everywhere a rating system! Only Nintendo continues to vehemently refuse to allow users to write reviews in the eShop.

The question is: why? Is Nintendo afraid that some games will be bought less often due to possible shit storms? Or is the giant game company from Japan still unable to set up a clever system of its own even after all these years?

If you have a large memory card in your Nintendo Switch, you will have dozens of games installed on your handheld. The problem: There is not enough space on the home menu for all the games, and the overview in the games library is quick and easy.

How nice would it be if Nintendo allowed players to create special folders on your home screen for the games? A folder for role-playing games, one for rogue likes, one for couch co-op games – a dream!

Xbox and PlayStation showed the way: A functioning party systemrunning directly from the console is not rocket science! Nintendo seems to be too easy this way. Instead, users should currently connect to each other via the Nintendo app on their smartphone – ingenious, isn’t it?

Nintendo, if you can’t manage to enable voice and text chat natively on the console yourself – then just ask the Discord developers whether they would like to port their service to your console.

Parents probably know the problem all too well. Different user profiles can be set up on the console so that the children have their own game saves, but that doesn’t stop the brats from switching accounts and destroying your save games – be it knowingly or accidentally! Password protected profiles would solve the problem, but that seems like too much work for Nintendo …

Even if we vented a bit of our anger over the neglected potential of the Nintendo Switch on the last few pages – at the end of the day, we’re happy with the console for the most part. The concept is still unique and thanks to cool first-party games, the Switch is much more than just a “good second console”.

We are still curious whether Nintendo will someday eliminate the main criticisms of the Switch. We keep our fingers crossed!

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