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Just in time for Halloween, the developers at Zoink Games presented us with a fresh video for their modern fairy tale “Lost in Random”. This is supposed to make you want more in a musical way.

Lost in Random: A musical new trailer for Halloween

In collaboration with Electronic Arts’ Originals label, the indie developers at Zoink Games released their new project “Lost in Random” last month.

In order to lure players who are still undecided and to make “Lost in Random” palatable to them, the people in charge at Zoink Games put a new video on the modern fairy tale available just in time for Halloween. This is supposed to make you want more in a musical way and was kept in the style of classical musicals. We have included the said video below these lines for you to view.

A modern take on classic fairy tales

According to official sources, “Lost in Random” is an adventure that aims to reinterpret old fairy tales in a modern way. You slip into the role of the penniless girl Even, who goes in search of her missing sister Odd. At her side is Dicey, a small and strange living cube who agrees with her full of zest for action.

On the subject: Lost in Random: Story trailer sets the mood for the modern fairy tale

The story is in turn created by Ryan North, who should be a household name for many people through his work on “Adventure Time” and “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl”. The works of Tim Burton are among the most important inspirations for the developers.

As usual, you can find more impressions and details of the current Zoink Games project in our topic overview.

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