A new version of the Wain navigation app is now available from QMIC

Wain, the mobile super-application for navigation and location-based services, has been updated by the Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) in Doha.

Numerous improvements have been made based on Wain users’ feedback and comments in order to provide them with a more valuable experience that better suits their needs. To make Wain the leading local guide and road companion in Qatar for residents and tourists alike, especially those attending the World Cup in 2022 is yet another step forward.

They include a new Arabic voice navigation instruction engine and enhanced navigation experience, an enhanced highly informative parking section, as well as a new 24×7 micro-app that provides information about venues that are open 24 hours a day and seven days per week in Qatar, among others.

A fast-growing nation, Qatar’s places of interest can change quickly as new businesses and landmarks pop up. Because of this, it was crucial for the “Wain” team to review the database of locations and places that are integrated into the app’s map, search engine, and dedicated “Places” section. Over 2000 new locations have been added to Wain’s database. Over 30,000 places have also been thoroughly reviewed to improve the quality of those already in place

To make the search process easier, faster, and more efficient, a similar enhancement was made to the search mechanism. As well as being able to browse locations by categories, users can view the information they are looking for in the search feature in a more organised manner. As a result of this new feature, users can now sort content by distance, so they can see locations that are closest to their current location.

Users of “Wain” will be able to find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily thanks to the combined efforts of improving the search mechanism and updating the locations bank.

“Wain” from QMIC has always taken pride in being a fully local mobile platform, “Made in Qatar, for Qatar.” As a result, it was crucial to provide Arabic users with a more comfortable and reliable navigation experience.

A natural Arabic voice navigation option is now available in this version of Wain. Additionally, the navigation engine has been improved in both English and Arabic.

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