Al Sadd first-team starts to hit hard training sessions

The first team of Al Sadd Club continued its training and preparations for the next big season. The session is currently held in their outdoor camp in the city of Olot, which is located 100 km from Barcelona. Players are working hard to increase their physical potential and hits hard with each new training session.

Coach Xavi seeks to bring the players to the highest level of readiness, as the international players didn’t join the camp. They are now under rest due to their long participation with the team in the Asian qualifiers and then the Gold Cup. Xavi now needs to ready the young players of the team as the circumstances doesn’t level possible other options. In addition to all of this, Salem Al-Hajri is undergoing a period convalescence due to surgery.

This is the second time that Al Sadd camped in the Spanish region of Olot, after the 2019-2020 season, after the great success witnessed by Xavi’s camp last year.

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