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Better off than PS5? Availability of the Xbox Series X should increase again

The Xbox Series X is hard to come by even a year after its release. According to an industry observer, that should change in the near future.

Xbox Series X: Inventory should improve

The Xbox Series X is almost impossible to get, especially not at list prices. However, recent news suggests that inventories could improve – just in time for Christmas business.

This is reported by Christopher Dring, head of Gameindustry.biz. He posted on Twitter that his sources would claim the console’s availability will improve towards the end of the year. Allegedly is said to be related to the release of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo InfiniteThe former will be released on November 5, 2021.

Nevertheless, “Microsoft these games and the Game Pass as the main hardware selling points use during the Christmas business, ”said Dring in his tweet.

Both games are Exclusive games for Microsoft’s platforms, which will boost sales of Xbox consoles and the Game Pass, which supports the rumor.

So if you should still want to buy an Xbox Series X the Christmas business this year is probably your greatest opportunity.

We also keep an eye out for the console for you:

What about the PlayStation 5?

There are still plenty of fans waiting for the Xbox Series X, however the PS5 is also still on the wish list from many gamers.

In a follow-up comment under Christopher Dring’s tweet, someone asked about the status of PS deliveries. He expresses what many feared:

“Well, the PS5 offer is a lot better than the Xbox offer. It’s just that demand still exceeds supply, which nobody notices! “

(Source: Twitter)

Tired of waiting for the Xbox Series X? The little sister is a good alternative:

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