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Buying an electric car: why now is not the right time

E-cars are booming – not only, but also because of the environmental bonus. Buyers can look forward to a grant of up to 9,000 euros. But now the secured funding is coming to an end. It has to be acted quickly.

E-car buyers tremble: the environmental bonus is running out

Anyone who wanted to buy an e-car last year had good prospects of lowering the price: Up to 9,000 euros environmental bonus when buying a new, purely electric car is included – 6,000 euros come from the state, 3,000 euros from the respective manufacturer. Now that the funding pot for a home wallbox has been exhausted, they should soon too Funds for the purchase bonus have reached their limits.

E-car drivers could then have an unpleasant awakening: the federal government is providing around 4.09 billion euros in total (source: Federal Office of Economics and Export Control / BAFA). In July, BAFA announced that around 2.1 billion euros had been paid out since the start of the environmental bonus in 2016 – that makes one The rest of just under 2 billion euros.

These funds are used to pay the purchase premium of 3,000 euros for a purely electric car, as well as the additional innovation premium of up to 3,000 euros with which the federal government increased the funding in summer 2020. This results in the state’s share of a maximum of 6,000 euros.

In the second half of 2021, the number of eligible, newly registered e-cars per month was over 30,000 (source: Teslamag). Even if not all models receive the maximum 6,000 euros in funding, there are around for September costs of around 200 million euros. Another 100 million euros are due for around 23,000 plug-in hybrids, although funding is now on the brink.

Funding for e-cars: it could end before the end of 2021

If demand remains the same, this will be enough until the turn of the year, assuming around 300 million euros per month since July 2021. In December 2020, however, demand increased, and the same development this year could even ensure that the secured 2 billion used up before the end of the year are.

With or without funding, it is clear that e-cars are cheaper to maintain – however, you will find some errors about electric cars in the Video:

In the course of the ongoing coalition negotiations, it is still unclear how the e-car bonus will continue in the future. The outgoing federal government decided to continue it until 2025, but the new finance minister will probably take care of the additional financing. Until then it will be uncertain times for potential buyers of an electric car. The safer option: wait until things become clear again in a few weeks or months.

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